Work Process

The work process overview of our collaboration on your game or app

Our work is built on trust and cooperation. We have a personal interest in quality of work with each and every client, as our reputation in the mobile gaming market is the most important investment we can make in our business.
  1. Preliminary discussion

    We discuss your game and a general direction of our work, plus the current availability of analytics data and/or our ability to collect it. We create a plan to work jointly on the project and agree on a tentative timeline, work milestones, and cost.

  2. Collection and analysis of game data

    You grant us access to the game data that we need. If we need more data than you can provide, we obtain it from other sources. The amount and format of your data is specified in our negotiations.

  3. Agreeing on changes

    Within an agreed-upon time period, you receive a list of recommended changes. We determine over Skype which changes will be made and create an action plan, including a game update timeline, a plan for analyzing the changes, and evaluation criteria for the results.

  4. Testing and fine-tuning

    You conduct A/B testing of the changes in game for each proposed update. Once testing is complete, the A/B results are evaluated and a decision is made whether to implement the changes or abandon/refine them. We then prepare a final report on the changes implemented and on their impact on game/app performance indicators.