The Mobile App Launch Checklist 

When I analyze applications, I often notice the same errors. Therefore, I decided to prepare a checklist of what have to be done in the application before you launch it.

1. Onboarding. First session is very important. Show to users the benefits of using the application, its value to them. Try to make engaging and understandable tutorial for users. Tutorial optimization allows you to increase the retention of the first weeks by an average of 2 – 5%.
2. Intuitive interface. Key application features are easily accessible. User can easily make necessary actions in the application.
3. Convenience of registration and payment. If the user has decided to register or pay for the order, then he can do it in a few clicks with one hand.
4. Personalization of experience. If necessary, save information about the user in the case when it may be useful to him next time. If the user filled in any information in the application, looked at products or chose exercises, then save his actions so that he would not repeat them the next time.
5. Request permission to receive push-notifications. It’s important to explain to your users the benefits of notifications before the standard iOS window pops up asking to subscribe to push-notifications, as it can only be shown once on iOS. If the user is interested, show a request for permission to push-notifications. If not, save this one chance for later. You can implement this mechanics using preliminary queries inside your application. The user needs time to master your application and form a positive opinion about it. He must understand what his advantage is and feel the need for it. Then he is more likely to agree to receive push-notifications.
6. Share. Allow the user quickly and easily share a link to your application. Consider how you can reward users for this. This will allow you to receive an influx of organic traffic.
7. Evaluation of the application. Do not rush to request a rating of your application in the store. Give the user time to understand the benefits and feel the value and pleasure of using the application.
8. Subscription. Describe all the benefits that a subscription provides. If possible, give the user once to try the paid functionality, before the trial period starts, this will allow him to more likely agree to the trial period and subscription.
9. Gamification. Significantly increases the chances of attracting and retaining users in your application. Consider in advance through which features and capabilities you will engage users.
10. Analytics. Make sure you can collect, store and analyze user behavior data in your application. This will allow you to get many insights, find growth points and improve the quality of the application.