Success Stories

Our success stories


100%+ increase in game revenue

Game genre : Puzzle

Problem : The game had high user retention but low revenue.

Task : To optimize the game monetization.

Solution : Studying the data made it clear that the game’s balance allowed for players to clear the game without making any payments, by spending minimal effort to accumulate resources.

We worked together and decided to make changes to the gameplay and to the complexity of the levels so that the player felt a need to acquire additional resources.

Results : Game revenue increased by more than 100%.


User retention rate increased by 17%

Game genre : Words

Problem : 1. The complexity of some words in the game repelled players, especially if the words were encountered early in the game. 2. The complexity of words as set by the developers did not correspond with their complexity as perceived by the players.

Task : To increase user retention rate. 

Solution : A detailed analysis allowed us to optimize the first 100 levels so that players could enjoy the game as much as possible, without feeling irritated or having other negative experiences. The most difficult words to guess were moved towards the end of the game, where players did not mind such complexity.

Results :  User retention of the Day 1 grew by 17%, player satisfaction increased, and app store reviews improved.


Onboarding optimization

Game genre : Trivia

Problem : When the game was released in English-speaking markets, its user retention rate was low.

Task : To increase user retention rate.

Solution : We analyzed user outflow data from the registration stage through the first 10 levels of the game. We then optimized the registration flow and the tutorial.

Results : 5% more players completed the tutorial, and 13% more completed the first 10 levels, for a total 3% increase in user retention by day 3.