Questions & Answers

Is it safe to show you our application data? Do we have to give you access to our analytics?

First of all, we collect only the data that is important for solving your particular problem. This information can be sent by an employee of yours, with no direct access to your analytics necessary. Secondly, we can, if you wish, sign a non-disclosure agreement. For these reasons, working with an external analyst is 100% safe for your business. 

If our analytics data is collected by our own system and we’re unable to give you access, can your service still help us?

Yes. We’ll send you a questionnaire with a list of the required metrics. If there is any data missing, we’ll try to extract the necessary information from other sources, for example data provided by advertising networks. The recommendations we provide after analyzing your game/app will improve your own analytics system while expanding its capabilities. If you don’t have any analytics system, or don’t know which analytics system to use or which data to collect, we can help you.

Will the proposed app changes be difficult to implement?

We’ll offer various options for implementing the recommendations to meet your financial and technical capabilities. You can always choose the updates that best fits your technical/time resources and performance improvements.

I’ve been in the market for years, studied it thoroughly, and do my own analytics work. What new things can you teach me?

We have many years of experience in working with different kinds of games as well as the know-how in applying thorough and accurate data analysis. We’ve achieved excellent results even for the most experienced developers and companies in the gaming industry, including those with analysts on staff. You’ll get effective game update solutions that will work because they’re based on a precise analysis of players’ behavior and a holistic understanding of gamers’ psychology.