When do you need an external game analyst?

The game is not profitable enough to cover the costs of its development and promotion

You’ve spent a lot of time and money developing and promoting the game, but the players you’ve acquired abandon your application.

As time goes by, your chances of getting ROI you put into development and marketing shrink, and you don’t know how to turn the situation around.

Typical revenue-producing gameplay is no longer attracting a large enough user base

The behaviour of gamers can be unclear. What do they want? What are they willing to pay? What updates should be made to increase profitability?

You understand that the market is changing and that apps need to be created with these trends in mind.

Low application performance indicators, even after an update 

You’re collecting data but don’t know what conclusions to make and changes to apply to help updates reach desired performance indicators.

You want to attract investors to continue developing your application and need strong performance indicators to do so.

Will your apps still be on the market in a few year?

  • The mobile app market is oversaturated.
  • Approximately 800 new games are released every day.
  • Game developer believe that his or her game will become the next highly profitable mega-hit. Yet the reality might be quite different.
  • Promotional activities that are not backed up with a carefully designed, well-polished product are ineffective and will only ‘eat’ your budget.
  • Without expert analytics and forecasting, your game may become uncompetitive and rapidly disappear from the market.

Why external analyst’s services are a good investment?

  • You receive in-depth analytics and functional recommendations, plus support from an expert during their implementation
  • You test the recommended changes before releasing them, thus limiting your risk
  • You see your game’s performance before and after the changes – and thus the effectiveness of the changes
  • You receive a boost in your app’s key performance indicators and profitability
  • You learn how to improve your app and can use these insights to create more successful, trending apps in the future

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