Analytical Expert and
CEO of Gradient Universe
Oxana Fomina

  • 12 years in IT marketing
  • 8 years as marketing director for a gaming company
  • 4 years in a software company
  • Mobile app analyst: providing private analytics and modification consulting for developers in the European market

  Our understanding of gamers’ wants and needs allows us to pinpoint changes needed to be made and implemented effectively. By making our recommendation, we consider each developer’s technical and financial capabilities, help them find optimal solutions, and assist them during the implementation stage – from testing a new game prior to launch and analyzing A/B test data to refining the changes if necessary. You don’t have to face a massive array of analysis data alone. We’ll help you find and integrate the right solutions, accompanied by our real-time support during the entire process. 
Our core mission is to help you create successful apps and satisfied players by integrating the interests of gamers and developers throughout the whole analytical process.