Improving performance and profitability of your mobile games and apps

We provide solutions derived from deep analysis of game data

We explain what changes are needed to improve game performance, and how to implement them

We work with multiple analytical systems

When do you need an external game analyst?

The game is not profitable enough to cover the costs of its development and promotion

You’ve spent a lot of time and money developing and promoting the game, but the players you’ve acquired abandon your application.

As time goes by, your chances of getting ROI you put into development and marketing shrink, and you don’t know how to turn the situation around.

Typical revenue-producing gameplay is no longer attracting a large enough user base

The behaviour of gamers can be unclear. What do they want? What are they willing to pay? What updates should be made to increase profitability?

You understand that the market is changing and that apps need to be created with these trends in mind.

Low application performance indicators, even after an update 

You’re collecting data but don’t know what conclusions to make and changes to apply to help updates reach desired performance indicators.

You want to attract investors to continue developing your application and need strong performance indicators to do so.

Will your apps still be on the market in a few year?

  • The mobile app market is oversaturated.
  • Approximately 800 new games are released every day.
  • Game developer believe that his or her game will become the next highly profitable mega-hit. Yet the reality might be quite different.
  • Promotional activities that are not backed up with a carefully designed, well-polished product are ineffective and will only ‘eat’ your budget.
  • Without expert analytics and forecasting, your game may become uncompetitive and rapidly disappear from the market.

Why external analyst’s services are a good investment?

  • You receive in-depth analytics and functional recommendations, plus support from an expert during their implementation
  • You test the recommended changes before releasing them, thus limiting your risk
  • You see your game’s performance before and after the changes – and thus the effectiveness of the changes
  • You receive a boost in your app’s key performance indicators and profitability
  • You learn how to improve your app and can use these insights to create more successful, trending apps in the future

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How can analytics make an app profitable for developers – and beloved by gamers?

Trying to figure things out on your own


The Internet provides a large number of isolated bits of analytical information that often lead people to incorrect conclusions. Plus, random data analysis can lead to overlooked patterns and trends in your performance indicators, thus preventing you from really understanding them and blocking you from drawing the right conclusions and implementing effective solutions.

Relying on an on-staff analyst


First of all, if your application is simple, hiring an on-staff analyst is too much of an expense. Secondly, even if your company is large and already has an on-staff analyst, that employee is accustomed to the product and may miss obvious errors and original solutions.

Hiring an external mobile game analyst


An external analyst impartially interprets analytical numbers, uncovering problems within your app. After this analysis, the analyst provides recommendations on changes to implement in order to achieve desired results. These recommendations are not just what changes to make, but also how specifically to implement them in the game, test them before releasing them, and measure their effect on your app’s performance indicators.

Analytical Expert and
CEO of Gradient Universe
Oxana Fomina

  • 12 years in IT marketing
  • 8 years as marketing director for a gaming company
  • 4 years in a software company
  • Mobile app analyst: providing private analytics and modification consulting for developers in the European market

  Our understanding of gamers’ wants and needs allows us to pinpoint changes needed to be made and implemented effectively. By making our recommendation, we consider each developer’s technical and financial capabilities, help them find optimal solutions, and assist them during the implementation stage – from testing a new game prior to launch and analyzing A/B test data to refining the changes if necessary. You don’t have to face a massive array of analysis data alone. We’ll help you find and integrate the right solutions, accompanied by our real-time support during the entire process. 
Our core mission is to help you create successful apps and satisfied players by integrating the interests of gamers and developers throughout the whole analytical process.

The work process overview of our collaboration on your game or app

Our work is built on trust and cooperation. We have a personal interest in quality of work with each and every client, as our reputation in the mobile gaming market is the most important investment we can make in our business.
  1. Preliminary discussion

    We discuss your game and a general direction of our work, plus the current availability of analytics data and/or our ability to collect it. We create a plan to work jointly on the project and agree on a tentative timeline, work milestones, and cost.

  2. Collection and analysis of game data

    You grant us access to the game data that we need. If we need more data than you can provide, we obtain it from other sources. The amount and format of your data is specified in our negotiations.

  3. Agreeing on changes

    Within an agreed-upon time period, you receive a list of recommended changes. We determine over Skype which changes will be made and create an action plan, including a game update timeline, a plan for analyzing the changes, and evaluation criteria for the results.

  4. Testing and fine-tuning

    You conduct A/B testing of the changes in game for each proposed update. Once testing is complete, the A/B results are evaluated and a decision is made whether to implement the changes or abandon/refine them. We then prepare a final report on the changes implemented and on their impact on game/app performance indicators.


Please select the investment that fits you best

Single consultation

70 €/hour

One-on-one analytics consulting for mobile games, via e-mail or Skype.

You’ll get practical advice on your game/app based on the analytics data you provide. This advice may include our identification of “bottlenecks” in your game and proposals of specific ideas for increasing user retention, viral growth, and/or monetization.

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Solution for a specific app problem

65 €/10 hours+

Consulting on a specific analytical problem.

If you’ve already recognized a specific problem and want to resolve it, we’ll analyze your data to suggest which changes can be made to your game to improve its performance metrics, for example, to increase Retention Rate, to improve the monetization and virality of the application, etc.

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to find out how to improve your appto get a quote for a specific problem with your appfor creation and implementation of new strategy

New game strategy

50 €/30 hours +

Developing and supporting a game update strategy.

After we gather and analyze game data, we’ll develop a strategy for improving the game and a concrete plan for A/B testing and releasing updates. Then, we’ll provide support and feedback during every stage of the plan’s execution.

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to find out how to improve your appto get a quote for a specific problem with your appfor creation and implementation of new strategy

Our success stories


100%+ increase in game revenue

Game genre : Puzzle

Problem : The game had high user retention but low revenue.

Task : To optimize the game monetization.

Solution : Studying the data made it clear that the game’s balance allowed for players to clear the game without making any payments, by spending minimal effort to accumulate resources.

We worked together and decided to make changes to the gameplay and to the complexity of the levels so that the player felt a need to acquire additional resources.

Results : Game revenue increased by more than 100%.


User retention rate increased by 17%

Game genre : Words

Problem : 1. The complexity of some words in the game repelled players, especially if the words were encountered early in the game. 2. The complexity of words as set by the developers did not correspond with their complexity as perceived by the players.

Task : To increase user retention rate. 

Solution : A detailed analysis allowed us to optimize the first 100 levels so that players could enjoy the game as much as possible, without feeling irritated or having other negative experiences. The most difficult words to guess were moved towards the end of the game, where players did not mind such complexity.

Results :  User retention of the Day 1 grew by 17%, player satisfaction increased, and app store reviews improved.


Onboarding optimization

Game genre : Trivia

Problem : When the game was released in English-speaking markets, its user retention rate was low.

Task : To increase user retention rate.

Solution : We analyzed user outflow data from the registration stage through the first 10 levels of the game. We then optimized the registration flow and the tutorial.

Results : 5% more players completed the tutorial, and 13% more completed the first 10 levels, for a total 3% increase in user retention by day 3.

Questions & Answers

Is it safe to show you our application data? Do we have to give you access to our analytics?

First of all, we collect only the data that is important for solving your particular problem. This information can be sent by an employee of yours, with no direct access to your analytics necessary. Secondly, we can, if you wish, sign a non-disclosure agreement. For these reasons, working with an external analyst is 100% safe for your business. 

If our analytics data is collected by our own system and we’re unable to give you access, can your service still help us?

Yes. We’ll send you a questionnaire with a list of the required metrics. If there is any data missing, we’ll try to extract the necessary information from other sources, for example data provided by advertising networks. The recommendations we provide after analyzing your game/app will improve your own analytics system while expanding its capabilities. If you don’t have any analytics system, or don’t know which analytics system to use or which data to collect, we can help you.

Will the proposed app changes be difficult to implement?

We’ll offer various options for implementing the recommendations to meet your financial and technical capabilities. You can always choose the updates that best fits your technical/time resources and performance improvements.

I’ve been in the market for years, studied it thoroughly, and do my own analytics work. What new things can you teach me?

We have many years of experience in working with different kinds of games as well as the know-how in applying thorough and accurate data analysis. We’ve achieved excellent results even for the most experienced developers and companies in the gaming industry, including those with analysts on staff. You’ll get effective game update solutions that will work because they’re based on a precise analysis of players’ behavior and a holistic understanding of gamers’ psychology.

Have any questions about our services?

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